F. Dennis Alvarez, J.D. Partner

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Mr. Alvarez has limited his practice to Alternate Dispute Resolution. He is a Certified Mediator in Federal and Florida Courts and a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator.  Mr.. Alvarez has also served as a panel member of AAA and a Certified Neutral Umpire of the Windstorm Conference since 2002. He has also served as a Special Magistrate/Special Master in various civil matters. Since 2001, he has Mediated, served as a Arbitrator or as a Neutral (Umpire) over 4,000 cases.Born in Tampa, Florida in 1945, Mr. Alvarez was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1974. He is a graduate of South Texas College of Law and in 1980 was elected as a Hillsborough County Court Judge. In 1984, he was elected to the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court bench. He served as Chief Judge of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit from 1988 to 2001. He served on many commissions through appointments by the Florida Supreme Court and is a previous chairman of the prestigious Florida Conference of Circuit Court Judges. He is a member of the U. S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, the U. S. Supreme Court, and the Hillsborough County Bar Association. He is also the proud recipient of many community service awards including the George Edgecomb Bar Association Humanitarian Award, the Robert J. Patton Outstanding Jurist Award, the Hispanic Man of the Year Award, and the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers’ Outstanding Jurist in the State of Florida Award for his Dedication to the Preservation of Individual Rights and Access to the Courts, University of South Florida Distinguished Alumnus Award, District VI, Juvenile Justice Hall of Fame.


  • J.D South Texas College of Law
  • The National Judicial College, Basic and Advanced Programs
  • Certified Circuit Court Mediator
  • Certified Federal Court Mediator, Middle District of FL.
  • Harvard University Law School, Emerging ADR Issues.

Awards & Accomplishments: 

  • Previous chairman of the prestigious Florida Conference of Circuit Court Judges.
  • Previous Member Florida Supreme Court Standing Committee on Mediation & Arbitration Rules
  • Member of the U. S. District Court
  • Member of the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Member of the 11th Circuit
  • Member of the U. S. Supreme Court
  • Member of the Hillsborough County Bar Association
  • Recipient of the George Edgecomb Bar Association Humanitarian Award
  • Recipient of the Robert J. Patton Outstanding Jurist Award
  • Recipient of the Hispanic Man of the Year Award
  • Recipient of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyer’s Outstanding Jurist in the State of Florida Award for his Dedication to the Preservation of Individual Rights and Access to the Courts

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